Sunday, 23 August 2020

A new book!

I'm pleased to have a completed manuscript for my book - a book which brings a fresh approach to Kingston's history. OK, it's belching smoke. It's noisy. But it's fact-filled! It's polluted. But it's photo-filled! That was Kingston's waterfront of the last two centuries. The past is prologue. And this is the past in print.  
An industrial powerhouse that tried but eventually failed to propel Kingston into the ranks of Ontario's factory cities. And that's OK. We have the government and higher-education field to keep us prosperous! Most of the vestiges of our industrial past have been bulldozed, so I felt it was time to shine a light on our city's past.

In print and in photos, you'll learn about the CN and CP trains that plied the spurs and sidings, the lake boats that brought grain, coal and fuel to Kingston, and those smoke-belching industries that dotted the harbour.

Smoke, steam and sail!
--Eric Gagnon