Friday, 5 March 2021

How to Order

An affordable $35 includes COVID-safe postal delivery anywhere in Canada. There are two ways to order:

MAIL ME: Cheque or money order made payable to Eric Gagnon. Mailing address: 415 Glen Castle Road, Kingston, ON K7M 5V3     or...

EMAIL ME: Interac e-transfer to - Let me know exact answer to security question and your mailing address. I ship within 2 business days.

(Some customers are not able to see sidebar on smartphone screen, so I'll leave this here. Please scroll down for more, including sample pages and a video flip-through!

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Now Available at Novel Idea Bookstore

If you're in downtown Kingston and stop by Novel Idea at 156 Princess Street, you can pick up a copy of Smoke on the Waterfront - The Trains, Ships and Industries of Kingston Harbour. Oscar and his staff have been great to work with in making my book available to folks downtown.
As always, I will donate $1 for every copy to the Queen's University Archives to support their important preservation work.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Arriving in Kingston

Lloyd Leonard, now of North Bay, kindly agreed to share the e-mail he sent me upon receiving his copy of my recent book. The Outer Station truly was a notable gateway to Kingston. Thanks, Lloyd!

I received my copy of "Smoke on the Waterfront". Look forward to reading it ... gave it a quick scan and love the picture of you in August, 1970 at the Outer Station [see above]. A month later I arrived in Kingston at the Outer Station, as a frosh @ Queen's (18 1/2 years of age). Arrived at noon from Toronto, having transferred from the southbound Northland in Toronto. I left Kapuskasing the night before...had a roomette (last time I had sleeping accommodation ).

No place to stay, so I left my two bags at the station, took a cab to the residence office at Leonard Hall. Found out where I was on the waiting list.... grab a list of boarding houses and by 3PM found a place ( 81 Wellington Street, $25 a week with 3 meals a day in a shared room ). Back to the station, got my bags and I had ARRIVED..... shocked (pleasantly) that in Kingston $1 got you a cab ( subject to sharing) anywhere in town.


Sunday, 15 November 2020

Exactly How I Imagined A Review Would Read...

...from someone who lived here! Also, someone who remembers the former version of Kingston's waterfront, before it became a tourist mecca. I received this e-mail from Eric Potter yesterday. Read on!

"Hi Eric,

I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you in relation to your new book. I have gone over it with a fine tooth comb from front to back and all I can say is awesome! Reading this book and perusing the photos has brought back so many memories of my time living and growing up in Kingston. I really liked the fact that you covered trains, ships and industries in a way that educated the reader on the different modes of transport and then brought it together with the industries they served. I had forgotten how for lack of a better word dark and dirty the old Kingston waterfront was back in the day compared to now. For me as a young boy it fascinated me with all the big buildings, cranes, smoke belching ships, tall smoke stacks and both steam and diesel power operating on the harbour trackage. This book brought this all back into perspective, and it was equivalent to a time travel experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. I though the the appendices was really well done and I enjoyed going through the lists and being able to say I saw that or I was there or I was on that. 

I have and still am thoroughly enjoying this book and I am so glad that I learned about it and then obtained a copy. In my humble opinion this is a very well written documentary of Kingston's waterfront during the industrial era and I highly encourage anyone who has lived in Kingston during this time or is just interested in Kingston's history in general to obtain a copy of this book for your library. You will not regret it.

Well done, Eric. Can't wait for the next book."

I appreciate Eric Potter's feedback and taking the time to share his reading of my book!

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Launching My New Book!

I'm pleased to announce the release of my seventh book, entitled Smoke on the Waterfront - The Trains, Ships and Industries of Kingston Harbour. Professionally-printed in Kingston by Allan Graphics, the book features 75 pages highlighting historic connections to the city's waterfront. One hundred photographs, most previously-unpublished, have been selected to illustrate Kingston's vital waterfront transportation links and commercial enterprises, many of which are only traces on today's downtown scene. Historians and hobbyists alike will treasure the trove of fascinating facts, plus a plethora of photos and maps curated in this book by a local author, blogger and book creator Eric Gagnon. Please see right sidebar for ordering information.

Click for a video preview fireside page-through here

Please enjoy the book's table of contents and complimentary views of sample pages (click for a larger view):

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Flying out the Door!

It's been a busy weekend! Since the launch on Friday, 27 copies of Smoke on the Waterfront have flown out the door. (Above - ready for the mail!) Thank you to customers and contributors who are receiving their copies. As expected, many customers are in Kingston, and on the Highway 401 Corridor: places like Brockville, Oshawa, Toronto, London, Kitchener and Amherstburg. The Internet reaches every place though, so orders also came in from places like Fergus and Winnipeg! Copies are mailed out, or available for local pick-up. Encouraging. Now, I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback!